This is a classic cruise from the Thames through the English Channel via the French coast to the Solent. Join us at Chatham and feel your shore-side cares ebb away as we skim along on the evening tide down the Medway to a quiet anchorage. Enjoy a convivial dinner as we swing gently to the anchor and plan the adventures to come. Next morning its up early to set sail down the great Thames Estuary, along the Four Fathoms Channel, around the North Foreland and across the mighty Dover Strait to France and the friendly port of Boulogne. After some entertainment ashore and a nights rest we speed on south west to our next stop at the charming port and market town of Dieppe. From here we glide along the Alabaster Coast and into the estuary of the Seine to the spectacular jewel of Honfleur, or perhaps to the resorts of Deauville/Trouville. Time seems to stand still as we cruise on in relaxed style along the Normandy beaches to Ouistreham. There should be time to sail up the canal towards Caen and stop at Pegasus Bridge – scene of the daring airborne assault in the early hours of 6 June 1944. Next day we set sail for the lovely fishing village of St Vaast. Time here to enjoy the lazy ambiance and simplicity of this unspoilt part of Normandy before we plan our passage back to England. On a fresh summer morning we hoist sail outside St Vaast and reach north past Barfleur for a final, exhilarating 80 mile charge across the channel. The Isle of Wight appears ahead and we shape our course through the fort, past historic Portsmouth and on to journey’s end at Southampton. As you furl the headsail and flake the main for the last time you feel a great sense of achievement. What an experience – a unique blend of history, sights and culture, great sailing, fun ashore – and two qualifying passages too!

Travel: Chatham: 45 minutes by rail or 1.5 hours by bus from Central London. Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow airports are all convenient. Cross channel links (ferry and tunnel) via Dover and Folkestone are nearby. Chatham is only 20 minutes from Ebbsfleet Eurostar terminal. By road the marina is only 20 – 30 minutes from the M25 at the Dartford Crossing. There is free parking at the marina. Southampton: National Rail. Airport. National Express buses. Car parking at Shamrock Quay Marina.