Join the yacht at Southampton amid the historic grandeur of Portsmouth Harbour and prepare for a cross-channel adventure to the ancient Celtic lands of Brittany. Breathe the fresh sea air as you glide out of the estuary on the evening breeze and head southeast towards France. Take turns on the helm and steer for a star as we race on with the wake glittering astern. Sail in through the great breakwaters at Cherbourg and enjoy the hospitality of this great seaport. Next day enjoy a breath-taking sail down through the great Race of Alderney and drop anchor in an idyllic bay under the cliffs of Guernsey or Sark. Rest and then explore the islands ashore. Swim in warm crystal waters and watch the sun set over Guernsey and the western seas. Catch the next tide south, speed past Jersey and Les Minquiers towards the splendour of Saint Malo, and tie up right beside the old city walls. Linger in the narrow lanes of this beautiful, ancient city and savour a café cognac or a simple meal on a restaurant terrace.   Next day enjoy a sparkling sail to the amazing Isles Chaussey, anchor for a peaceful night amid spectacular tidal islets, swim off clean white beaches, and explore this fascinating area by dinghy. Too soon we have to wrench ourselves away but still there remains a joyous run north to Alderney and thence across the channel again to the Needles. Enjoy a well-earned rest at lovely Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight and then a leisurely cruise through the Solent, past Cowes to journey’s end at Southampton.   This will be 8 days of champagne sailing with opportunity for sightseeing, shopping and la gastronomie.

Travel: Southampton: National Rail. Airport. National Express buses. Car parking at Shamrock Quay Marina Nearest airport is Southampton.