To enjoy more great sailing at the best possible prices join the Elite Sailing Club.

Simple  –  flexible  –  easy access  –  no hassle

How?  Join our club for a modest annual fee and gain exclusive access to low cost club sailing events, discounted rates for all training courses, adventure sailing and flotillas, and first call for all standby sailings at good discounts.  Join as an individual or family and sail as crew.  With suitable qualifications and experience you can join as a Skipper member.

12 Months Membership Fees

Individual Standard                                                                                        £99

Family Standard (2 adults and 3 dependent children under 18 yrs      £199

Individual Skipper  (first year)                                                                      £249

Individual Skipper (subsequent years)                                                        £150

Family (including 1 skipper  – first year)                                                      £349

Family (including 1 skipper – subsequent years)                                        £249

Exclusive Club Sailing – Cruising and Racing

Our yachts are available for club members to sail either with one of our instructors or with a club member as skipper. Sign up for trips or make friends and recruit crews via the club Facebook Group.  Sailing costs from under £50 per person per day and you can choose one of our Jeanneau 35s “Spirit” and “Spitfire“ or an exciting addition to our fleet – Javelin – a Hunter Impala 28 we have just acquired for club sailing and racing.  Details of these yachts are here.

Scheduled Events:

4/5 April                         Club Fun Sailing Weekend.  Berths and cabins available

TBD late  March:           First Skippers familiarisation – Javelin and Spirit

19 Apr – 17 May:             Spring Series Racing (Javelin)

23 – 25 May:                    Medway Regatta.  Crew places available on Javelin

TBD April:                       Spring Barbecue on Maaike Maria

21 Jun – 26 Jul:              Summer Series Racing (Javelin)

TBD August:                   Summer Barbecue

TBD December:             End of Season Party on Maaike Maria

Training and Adventure

As a club member you will get discounts on all our training courses and adventure sailing holidays for a whole year.

Standby Sailings – Club Members get Priority

We sometimes have late space on our scheduled courses and adventure sailing trips.  These are offered at attractive prices but only to existing customers who have already booked sailing with us.  Club members have the first call on these deals.


Club members can enjoy social events aboard yachts or ashore and even arrange your own via the Club Facebook Group

For more details of membership, organisation, sailing events and discounts download the PDF Here.

Join the Club Now – download the membership application form and email it to