Preparation for Sea Survival

  • Survival difficulties
  • Survival requirements
  • Equipment available
  • Actions Prior to Abandonment


  • Design and construction
  • Correct Donning Procedure
  • Purpose and Use
  • Safety Harnesses


  • Stowage and Containment aboard
  • Types, design and construction
  • Launching
  • Abandoning the vessel and boarding the liferaft
  • Righting a capsized liferaft
  • Liferaft equipment
  • Initial actions to be taken in a liferaft

Principles of Survival

  • Methos to increase chances of survival
  • Symptoms and treatment of hypothermia
  • Symptoms and treatment of sunburn, heat exhaustion and heatstroke
  • Survival routines to aid location
  • Correct use of pyrotechnics and other location aids
  • Water rationing procedures
  • Dehydration and its prevention
  • Food rationing
  • Sources of food

Survival Craft Ailments

  • Raft Management

Search and Rescue

  • Rescue by helicopter or another vessel
  • Role of HM Coastguard
  • UK and international SAR organisation
  • Other services