RYA Motor Cruising Course durations and prices are as follows

Course Duration Price
Start Motor Cruising 1 Day £270
Helmsman 2 Days £530
Day Skipper 4 days (or 2 X 2 day sessions) £1060
Combined Helmsman/Day Skipper 5 Days £1325
Coastal Skipper 5 Days £1325
Yachmaster Preparation and Exam 5 days
(Duration will be tailored to the candidates experience and starting skill level)

Practical training sessions are scheduled for durations of one to 5 days but courses may be run with mixed-level crews. For example, in a 2-day session there could be 2 X Helmsman trainees and 2 X Day Skipper trainees on their first of two weekends. And on a 4 day course there may be 2 X Day Skipper trainees on the full 4 days but with 2 Helmsman trainees attending just the first 2 days.

All training sessions start at 0830 on Day 1 and finish at 1700 on the last day. If trainees are booked on a session that is longer than their course requires, they will start on Day 1 and may leave on completion of their course. However, if the boat is going to sail anyway and there is space available they may be invited to stay aboard for the experience.

Private Training Sessions

In addition to scheduled courses, special training sessions can be arranged for one or two people – or a group of up to 5. Prices for the vessel and instructor are as follows:

Half Day £500 + fuel costs

Full Day £700 + fuel costs

Indicative fuel costs are £90 per day for routine training.

ICC Assessments

An ICC assessment can be completed as part of any of the scheduled training sessions but the minimum period booked must be 2 days. So the cost would be the same as for the helmsman course. Alternatively an assessment may be booked as a private session on at least 1 day. In this case 2 candidates can be assessed in one day.