Currently the standard format for weekend training dates is residential with crews staying aboard for the Saturday night and the yacht usually remaining away from base until the Sunday.  Meals are provided from lunch on the Saturday to lunch on the Sunday.  However, to meet continued demand we have scheduled a few non-residential weekends where the yacht returns to the marina on the Saturday and customers are free to return home and come back again on the Sunday morning.  No meals are provided in this case. Non-residential weekend dates are clearly labelled as such.

Course Timing:

Residential Courses:  Start Saturday 0900.  Finish Sunday 1600.  Non-Residential:  Start Saturday and Sunday 0900.  Finish Saturday 1700 and Sunday 1600.

NB To make best use of tide and weather conditions we may suggest variations to these timings.  You will be consulted prior to any decisions.

Covid Safety Measures for Practical Courses

Additional Terms and Conditions

Suggested packing list for Day Sailing

Overnight Accommodation Options