Terms and Conditions:

  1. Cancellation Policy:
  • 4 weeks’ notice (28 days or more) – Full refund provided.
  • 4 weeks’ notice – 2 weeks’ notice – Loss of 25% Deposit.
  • 2 weeks’ notice (13 days or less) – Loss of full cost of the course.

1a. 25% deposit (25% of the full cost of the course) is payable at the time of booking. This deposit is not returnable if you cancel (see conditions 1).  On receipt of payment, we will then send an acknowledgement (normally by email) together with joining instructions and invoice for the balance. The balance is payable in full 4 weeks before the cruise or course. If there is less than 4 weeks to go before the cruise or course date, the fee is payable in full at the time of booking.

1b. We will take provisional bookings by telephone and hold them for 24 hours. Which time we need a completed booking and deposit.  A booking is only confirmed once the deposit has been received.

1c. If for any reason except for causes that constitute force majeure we cancel a course or cruise we will refund all fees paid and our liability will cease thereafter. Short delays to rectify technical failures or equipment damage to a yacht are rare but they are a normal risk of sailing. If a course or event is disrupted by a technical malfunction to the extent that the training course or cruise cannot be completed effectively, Elite Sailing will either offer the additional time required on a later occasion, or reimburse you pro-rata for the extra time that would be required to complete the course or cruise. Delays or diversion due to very bad weather or its effects on the yacht or its equipment are rare and usually quite limited, but in any such case Elite Sailing will be under no obligation to provide compensation and will have no liability for consequential loss.

1d. If you must cancel before 4 weeks before the course start date, we will refund the amount paid. If you cancel with less than 4 weeks to go you remain liable, (see table breakdown above on section 1). Cancellation must be notified by email and the effective date and time of cancellation is the date/time of receipt of the email.

1e. A booking date that has been confirmed may only be changed (subject to availability) prior to 4 weeks of the course start date. If there is less than 4 weeks to go to the course or cruise start date, there is no automatic right to change the date. If you are unable to attend, you should consider claiming against your insurance policy.

1f. If you are unable to attend your course due to covid-19, we ask that you provide us with a dated image of a positive covid test prior to the start of your course via email. Once the positive test has been received, we are then able to reschedule your course at no extra cost.

General terms:

  1. Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.
  2. While you are aboard the boat you must accept the authority of the skipper in all matters concerning the operation of the yacht and the safety of you and all others aboard.
  3. Before booking, please satisfy yourself that you have received adequate guidance on the suitability of the cruise or course you are joining.
  4. Please ensure that you have honestly declared any illnesses or disabilities. These will not necessarily preclude you from taking part, but it is essential to the safety of you and others that the skipper is aware of them. If new medical conditions arise or existing ones change between booking and sailing, please advise Elite Sailing in writing or the skipper on joining.
    1. Where you need to take medication for pre-existing conditions, this medication must be declared to the Skipper before or shortly after boarding. It is important that should you become ill the Skipper and crew know where your medication is stored and how it is administered.
  5. Please note that for all offshore sailing, except corporate entertainment, it is customary for crews to participate in domestic duties aboard including cooking and light cleaning.
  6. If all or part of the course or cruise is out of the UK, clients will need a passport and may need a visa to enter the country where the course or cruise takes place or visits. Clients will need to make their own way visa arrangements in good time before the course or cruise commences. Clients are responsible for travel arrangements to and from the embarkation and disembarkation points.
  7. Courses are preferably run with a mixture of abilities and level or training, Competent Crew/ Day Skipper/ Coastal/ Yachtmaster. This enhances the learning environment for all concerned in your ability to learn from others. There is a minimum number of x3 students required to participate on a course and on the rare occasion that this number is not fulfilled, we reserve the right to offer you an alternative date/ course, 4 weeks prior to the start of your training. We are not responsible for any other costs other than that of your training course. Please have your course booking confirmed before booking your flights or accommodation, etc.
  8. Prices stated on our website and promotional materials are quoted under shared accommodation. Sole occupancy is available at an additional cost dependent on availability.
  9. Elite Sailing reserve the right to amend advertised prices at any time. Where you have booked a course or Adventure Sailing trip. From time to time, marketing promotions may be applied to your course or Cruise that allow other travellers for a limited period of time to sign up to join the course or cruise at a reduced price. This does not alter the price of your course or cruise in your contract and you are not eligible for the discounted rate.
  10. Gift vouchers purchased are non-refundable and valid for a year from date of purchase.
    1. Monetary vouchers can be used for part or full payment of a course or cruise. If the cost exceeds the amount of the gift voucher, the balance must be paid in full at the time of booking.
  11. Smoking of any form is forbidden onboard or on the dock next to the yacht. We also strongly discourage smoking of any form at any time between the start and end date of your course or cruise. The use of e-cigarettes is permitted off the boat, provided that you have notified the Skipper.
  12. A small amount of alcohol is permitted onboard. With the understanding that it does not impact other crew members nor the quality of the course or cruise.
  13. Crew are prohibited from bringing additional guests or other persons on board any yacht at any time.
  14. From time to time, we may either take photographs or record videos of the services provided as part of the arrangements. (For example, we may take photos or videos of the sailing, training, of guests enjoying their time onboard and/or of guests otherwise taking part in any part of their time with Elite Sailing). Where you appear in those images, by making this booking you grant us permission to make use of those images in order to produce promotional material, consisting of photographs and/or film, for publication in our printed publications, in media press releases, on video, on our website and on all social media, for the purpose of advertising our services. If you do not wish to appear in such publicity material, we will do our best not to include you in any such material as it is being produced onboard.
  15. If you wish to make a complaint about any of our services that we have provided you, please email us at office@elitesailing.co.uk.


  1. Own Boat tuition terms:
    1. Elite Sailing provides tuition aboard the customer’s boat on the understanding that the customer always remains fully responsible for the safety and operation of the boat. The instructor is there purely in an advisory capacity and will not be held liable for any damage or injury resulting from the operation of the vessel.
    2. The customer must ensure that the boat is seaworthy and has suitable safety equipment for the planned exercises.
    3. If on arrival at the vessel the instructor considers the vessel unsafe to operate, he or she is at liberty to refuse to undertake the course. In this case the customer remains liable to pay the cost of a minimum of one day’s instruction plus travelling expenses where relevant.
    4. The customer must ensure that a policy of insurance for the boat is in force covering legal liability for damage or injury to third parties. The sum insured must be at least £1,000,000.
    5. The customer undertakes to provide the instructor with meals (and accommodation if appropriate) aboard the vessel to suit the course or tuition timing.
    6. Any travel outside of Chatham Marina that the instructor is required to make will be charged as travel expenses.
      1. If travel time is greater than 1 hour, the travel would be charged on a pro-rata basis (half day /full day).

18. Private hire terms:

  1. The customer undertakes to provide the instructor with meals (and accommodation if appropriate) aboard the vessel to suit the course or tuition timing.
  2. Berthing fees outside of Chatham Marina is at an additional cost of the private hire. (Applicable for overnight stays)

19. Bareboat charter terms:

The minimum qualification requirement for a bareboat charter is:

  1. At least 3 years sailing experience in command of a similar type of vessel plus Day Skipper Practical OR: RYA Coastal Skipper Practical course completion certificates (or a Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore Certificate of Competence).
  2. The crew must include at least one person with knowledge and experience equivalent to Competent Crew.
  3. When booking the bareboat charter, an agreement is to be signed and returned to Elite Sailing. Once received, the deposit of 25% is to be made to confirm the booking.