Special terms and Conditions Applicable During the Covid 19 Pandemic

  1.  General terms and conditions (see below) apply except as modified and superceded by these special conditions that have applied since 23 March 2020 and apply until further notice.
  2. In the next paragraphs, the term ‘ Covid 19 Event’ means any event directly associated with the Covid 19 pandemic that results in postponement of the course or non-attendance by a cusomer. Examples of such events include but are not limited to direct government regulation; infection by Covid 19 or self isolation of a customer or instructor, or instruction by a government authority to a customer or instructor to self isolate or cancellation of another customer due to a Covid 19 event leading to inability to run the course due to safety considerations.
  3.  Elite Sailing’s Covid 19 Statement of Risk assessment, Safety policy and Safety measures will be published on the website and made available for all customers to read.  Customers are invited to read this assessment prior to booking.  In making the booking and making any payment customers confirm that they are satisfied that they understand the risk assessment and consider the safety measures are appropriate and sufficient in the circumstances.
  4.  In making a booking and making payment a customer confirms that: a. they and members of their party do not have current symptoms of Covid 19; b. if they or members of their party subsequently develop symptoms or are tested positive or have to self isolate for any reason they will inform Elite Sailing immediately and c. they and members of their party agree to undergo temperature testing on arrival at Elite Sailing’s classroom or vessel.
  5.  In view of uncertainty and the possibility of postponement due to any Covid 19 event, all scheduled practical courses and events and all face to face classroom bookings are provisional.  The booking process and conditions will be as follows:  A. In requesting a specific provisional booking a customer is declaring in good faith an intention to pay the advertised or otherwise agreed fee and attend the course unless a Covid 19 event prevents attendance.  Elite Sailing will accept advance bookings on the same understanding and in good faith, will keep the place available for the customer but will not request any deposit until it has confidence that the course will run.  If the course has to be postponed due to a Covid 19 event there is no penalty to either party and Elite Sailing will inform the customer of postponement by email and agree a fall-back date.  B.  At the earliest time possible before the course start date, Elite Sailing will inform the customer that it expects the course to run and request either the deposit payment (if its more than 6 weeks before the start date) or the full price.  The customer will complete this payment without delay or risk losing the place.  After a payment has been made, both parties are committed to running and attending the course unless the course has to be suspended or postponed by a Covid 19 event.  If the course has to be postponed by a Covid 19 event there will be no penalty to either party but the booking will be postponed to a later date to be agreed between the parties.  Elite Sailing will be obliged to find a date agreeable to the customer but will not be obliged to refund the payment unless it is unable to offer a suitable and reasonable date in a reasonable period of time.  The customer will not unreasonably withhold agreement to alternative dates that are offered.
  6.   If Elite Sailing is compelled to cancel or postpone a course or event because of a Covid 19 event  Elite Sailing will offer the customer postponement of the course or event until the earliest date that can be mutually agreed with the customer and that can be scheduled taking account of the prevailing health and regulatory conditions and practical considerations including yacht and instructor availability. Elite Sailing will make every effort to schedule such a replacement as soon as possible after the pandemic subsides and preventative measures are relaxed.
  7. In case of any offer or agreement to postpone a course Elite Sailing will be under no obligation to complete this action in any specific time period but will make all reasonable efforts to do so as soon as possible when circumstances allow.General terms and Conditions (These applied prior to 23 March 2020 (start of Government lockdown measures) and continue to be applicable except for paragraphs marked * which are modified by special terms above.
  1. 25% deposit (£50 minimum) is payable at the time of booking. This deposit is not returnable if you cancel (see conditions 3 and 4).  On receipt of payment we will then send an acknowledgement (normally by email) together with joining instructions and invoice for the balance. The balance is payable in full 6 weeks before the cruise or course. If there is less than 6 weeks to go before the cruise or course date, the fee is payable in full at the time of booking. (* But see Covid 19 clause above)
  2. We will take provisional bookings by telephone and hold them for one calendar week (or a shorter period if advised at the time of booking) within which time we need a completed booking and deposit.  A booking is only confirmed when you receive the on-line booking confirmation email or a copy of this sent through the post. (* But see Covid 19 clause above)
  3. If for any reason except for causes that constitute force majeure we cancel a course or cruise we will refund all fees paid and our liability will cease thereafter. Short delays to rectify technical failures or equipment damage to a yacht are rare but they are a normal risk of sailing. If a course or event is disrupted by a technical malfunction to the extent that the training course or cruise cannot be completed effectively Elite Sailing will either offer the additional time required on a later occasion or reimburse you pro-rata for the extra time that would be required to complete the course or cruise. Delays or diversion due to very bad weather or its effects on the yacht or its equipment are rare and usually quite limited but in any such case Elite Sailing will be under no obligation to provide compensation and will have no liability for consequential loss. (* But see Covid 19 clause above)
  4. If you have to cancel before 6 weeks before the course start date we will refund the fees paid less the 25% deposit. If you cancel with less than 6 weeks to go you remain liable for the full amount, although we will try to fill your place and repay you the fee less deposit should we succeed. Cancellation must be notified in writing or by email and the effective date and time of cancellation is the date/time of receipt of the letter or email. (* But see Covid 19 clause above)
  5. A booking date that has been confirmed may only be changed (subject to availability) prior to 6 weeks to go to the course start date and on payment of a change fee of £25. If there is less than 6 weeks to go to the course or cruise start date, there is no automatic right to change the date. However, as in the case of cancellation, we can seek to fill your place at the original price or at a discount and credit this amount to a future booking with us. If you are unable to attend and we are unable to sell your place, you should consider claiming against your insurance policy. If you are unable to achieve a re-imbursement under an insurance policy, in exceptional circumstances we may consider offering you a standby place on a future course or cruise. In such a case we would offer you available space at not less than 7 days to go to the start date. If you were to accept we would make the new reservation and charge a booking change fee of £25. (* But see Covid 19 clause above)
  6. RYA Vouchers are acceptable in part or full payment for sailing courses, subject to a 15% handling charge. (This is the same as the charge made by the RYA to redeem the voucher).
  7. The minimum age for all standard cruises and courses (not youth sailing) is 16 years, unless an exception is agreed in writing or by email. Exceptions may be agreed where a responsible adult accompanies the minor. Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  8. Elite Sailing, its servants, agents and employees are not under any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, loss or damage to effects, howsoever caused, while you are attending a cruise or course.
  9. Elite Sailing is a commercial organisation and is unable to make refunds of deposits in any circumstances or of balances in case of late cancellation (unless we fill the place). We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover loss of personal effects, medical expenses and cancellation.
  10. Everards Insurance Brokers offer suitable cover. For an online quotation and application simply follow this link:
  11. While you are aboard the boat you must accept the authority of the skipper in all matters concerning the operation of the yacht and the safety of you and all others aboard.
  12. Before booking please ensure that you have honestly declared any illnesses or disabilities. These will not necessarily preclude you from taking part, but it is essential to the safety of you and others that the skipper is aware of them. If new medical conditions arise or existing ones change between booking and sailing, please advise Elite Sailing in writing or the skipper on joining.
  13. Please note that for all offshore sailing except corporate entertainment it is customary for crews to participate in domestic duties aboard including cooking and light cleaning.
  14. Before booking, please satisfy yourself that you have received adequate guidance on the suitability of the cruise or course you are joining.