Power Handling:

  • Forces at work – wind, tide, propeller/rudder interaction, propeller ‘walk’, hull pivot point.
  • Basic disciplines – fendering, positive departure and arrival angles, speed control
  • Departure from alongside berths including finger pontoons
  • Arrival at alongside berths including finger pontoons
  • 180 and 360 degree turns in open and confined spaces
  • Springing off astern
  • Springing off ahead
  • reversing in and out of berths
  • Single line mooring techniques – centre cleat
  • Turning on a spring
  • Chatham lock practice
  • Mooring stern to or bows to a pontoon or jetty (Mediterranean Mooring).

Sail Handling:

  • Heaving to
  • Man overboard drills
  • Mooring pick ups in various conditions of wind and tide
  • Anchoring under sail
  • Mainsail up and down while sailing under jib
  • Sailing under control in confined spaces

(Note that it isnt possible to cover every item in one weekend. The instructor will discuss requirements with you at the beginning of the course)