Options for Competent Crew:

  • 5 Day Course (0900 Monday to 1700 Friday).  Price £516 – £588
  • 3 X 2-day weekends (0900 to 1700 Saturday and Sunday).  Price £250 – £288 per weekend
  • 1 X 2-day weekend and 1 X 3 day weekend (0900 to 1700 Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
    Price £250 – £288 for 2 days. £380 – £428 for 3-days
  • or you can take the Competent Crew course as part of our 7-day Adventure Sailing Holiday Cruises

The availability table below shows dates and prices of weekends and 5 day courses that you can choose for any of these options.

Important Notice

Prices were increased by approx 3% on 16 May.  The change is intended to apply to all new bookings of courses starting on or later than 3 July.  Unfortunately the booking system cannot differentiate between pre and post 3 July courses so this is managed manually as follows:

Courses with start dates prior to 3 July:  These are still subject to Covid restrictions and are non-residential.  Yachts return to the marina at the end of each day and overnight stays with meals aboard are not included.  Prices for these courses will be held at original levels.  These were:  2 day weekends £274; 3 day weekends £410; 5 days (Mon – Fri) £568.  Discounts will be made during the booking process to correct these prices.   Course times will be 0900 to 1700 daily.  But to make best use of tide and weather conditions we may suggest variations to these timings after the course has started.  You will be consulted prior to any decisions.

Courses with start dates from 3 July and later:  These are planned to run as residential so include accommodation and meals aboard.  Prices for new bookings from 16 May are as indicated in the table.  Prices for existing bookings made before 16 May for start dates after 3 July are unchanged.  Course times will be:

Weekends:  0900 Sat to 1700 Sun

5 Days:  0900 Mon to 1700 Fri

Finally, the planned date of the change to residential sailing – 3 July – is geared to the Government roadmap date of 21 June for the lifting of all remaining restrictions.  If this change is postponed it is possible that the change to residential sailing will also have to be postponed.

Covid Safety Measures for Practical Courses

Additional Terms and Conditions

Suggested packing list for Day Sailing

Overnight Accommodation Options

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